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Benign Skin Lesions

A person with a skin lesion has an abnormal lump, bump, ulcer, sore, or coloured area on the skin. Common skin lesions include moles, warts, and actinic keratosis.  

Skin lesion removal is routinely done as an outpatient procedure, under local anaesthesia. This blocks pain from the area and you will stay awake during the procedure.  

The technique that your consultant will use to remove your skin lesion will depend on factors such as its size and where it is on your body. Your consultant will advise you which method is most appropriate for you.  

Techniques to remove a skin lesion include the following:  

  • some lesions can be shaved down to the level of your surrounding skin
  • our doctor can snip skin tags off with surgical scissors
  • lesions are cut out entirely and your doctor will close the wound with stitches (these may be dissolvable).

After a local anaesthetic it may take couple of hours before the feeling comes back to the affected area. Take special care not to bump or knock the area. You will usually be able to go home when you feel ready.  

Your doctor or nurse will give you some advice about caring for your healing wound before you go home. You may be given a date for a follow-up appointment. Your doctor or nurse will remove any non-dissolvable stitches after your procedure. Usually, this is after about seven days if the stitches are on your face, and 10 to 14 days if they are on the rest of your body. The length of time any dissolvable stitches will take to disappear depends on what type you have. However, for most skin lesion removal procedures, they should usually disappear in about 10 to 14 days.

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