Example Patient Journey​

Referral and Assessment


Referral agreed during an appointment with your GP, which will be sent electronically to N2S via the NHS Electronic Referral System (e-RS)

You will receive a letter from your GP with a booking reference, asking you to contact us if you have not heard from us in two weeks. Patients with a mobile number or email address will receive an acknowledgement of their referral and an indication of waiting times, so you should not need to call. If you do not receive that information please feel free to contact us.
The hernia clinical team will triage your referral for suitability. There are many factors that could affect your suitability, all of which are to ensure the ultimate safety of our patients:
If your referral is suitable it will be added to the waiting list, and an assessment appointment will be sent out in due course
If your referral is not suitable for our service it will be returned to your GP, who will contact you to discuss the next steps
A letter will be sent out with an assessment appointment when you get nearer to the top of the list. Due to the amount of patients waiting we can only reschedule your appointment once, so please do try and make any necessary arrangements to attend. Only you (the patient) will be allowed to enter the practice, unless agreed prior due to care needs.
During your assessment appointment you will discuss your case with a consultant general surgeon, who will perform some checks and officially diagnose your hernia. You will then be put forward for a separate nurse assessment to assess your medical suitability for the operation under local anaesthetic. This can sometimes be on the same day, but is usually a separate clinic which we will invite you too with a separate letter.
At the nurse assessment we will go through your medical history and measure details such as your blood pressure, height and weight. If you are put through for surgery you will receive a further appointment date for the surgery. The waiting times may vary but you will be advised as to an approximate wait.



You will receive a letter in the lead up to your surgery (approx. one month in advance) with the instructions for the day.

You will receive a call the day before your surgery from one of the Hernia Theatre team advising you of any preoperative measures you need to take. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT YOU MAKE THE TIME TO TAKE THIS CALL your surgery will be cancelled if we cannot speak to you. Please make necessary arrangements with your place of work etc.

On the day of surgery you will be with us for no longer than two hours. You must be accompanied by a family member or friend, who will be required to stay in the building for the duration of your time with us. If you arrive unaccompanied your surgery will be cancelled. You’ll receive a last minute check with a nurse before being brought into theatre for the procedure, which takes about 45 minutes. We perform open hernia repair with mesh under local anaesthetic – we do not use general anaesthetic, or keyhole procedures.

Once your procedure is complete you will be brought through to the recovery room, where a nurse will ensure you’re fit to be discharged. Your family member or friend will be asked to come through to the recovery room to listen to the discharge advice. You will then be free to leave.


You will receive a post-op call the day after your procedure. Please ensure you have your phone handy for when this call comes through, as our nursing staff usually only have a certain amount of time to make those calls.
You will have an appointment to check your wound five days after your procedure, after which as long as everything is okay you will be discharged from our service.