YAG laser capsulotomy is a procedure sometimes required after cataract surgery, should the patient’s vision start to blur again.  

When cataract surgery is performed, the surgeon deliberately leaves part of the original lens capsule in place to help support the new plastic lens, as this helps minimise the risk of complications immediately after surgery. Despite regular improvement in surgical techniques and intra-ocular lens design, up to 1 in 3 people can experience this capsule becoming ‘foggy’ over a period of time. This ranges from a few weeks to several years after surgery.  

We use a YAG laser to focus a beam of light very accurately on the foggy capsule and create a window. This allows more light to get in to the eye. The appointment takes approximately 30 minutes, which includes a consultation with the ophthalmologist beforehand and an examination of the eye. You will not be ‘dazzled’ by the procedure, you may see a small red light but most patients do not feel or notice the treatment at all.